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Child Abuse

Accused or Charge with Child Abuse? Child Abuse

Defendants facing serious child abuse charges can benefit from the professional legal services of The Olsinski Law Firm, PLLC. Child abuse charges can range from significant to overblown. Many times clients come in with a disciplinary measure that went too far. We understand that the law does not see the gray area in many child abuse cases, that's why we work hard for our clients. Being arrested and accused can have serious ramifications on one's life with their children, but these consequences are not nearly as bad as what a conviction would bring. Family and friends may distance themselves or the accused may lose a job and have trouble finding suitable employment. The courts and society to do not like those who abuse children and a defendant may have the battle of his or her life. It is important to seek legal counsel immediately and contact a Charlotte criminal defense attorney or Concord criminal defense attorney at one of our offices with knowledge and understanding of all areas of criminal law. Our firm works closely with clients, acknowledging the need for discretion while dedicating ourselves to our courtroom skills and the ability to defend clients at each stage of the legal process.

Child abuse can have many consequences, from Jail or prison time, to the loss of custody of your children. There is a felony and a misdemeanor child abuse charge and the consequences will depend on which charge you face. Misdemeanor child abuse is an A1 misdemeanor and is the most common child abuse charge. Depending on your record would depend on how many days in jail you would be facing, up to 150 days. Felony child abuse has many more subcategories and can be an E felony to a C felony depending on the circumstances. Anytime you are facing felony charges prison time is a realistic possibility. These cases need to be examined and looked at closely and it is usually beneficial to the defendant to hire an attorney as soon as possible so that we can start preparing your defense. Child abuse is a serious offense with significant consequences, and punishment for a conviction can include the following:

  • Prison term up to 25 years
  • Lifetime parole
  • Large fines and court fees
  • Court ordered counseling

Article 39 of Section 14 of the NC General Assembly dictates how child abuse cases will be handled. This section covers the protection of minors and the severity of punishment has a full range of punishments because there are many different statutes for offenses to fall under. Anytime you have a charge where there are a lot of jumps in sentencing between similar types of crimes, it is important that your attorney look hard at what you are being charged with. It may be a case of being overcharged or it may be a situation where the district attorney can be talked down to a lesser charge. An individual accused of child abuse has a lot at stake including the possibility of long-term incarceration. Our attorneys offer an effective defense following an arrest, during arraignment, and in representation at all court hearings, mediations and jury trials. Make an appointment today for a free consultation* with a trusted defense lawyer if facing child abuse allegations.

Contact a Charlotte child abuse lawyer or Concord child abuse attorney at one of our offices for an aggressive defense against major criminal charges related to a child abuse matter.

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