Assault on a Government Official

Assault on a Government Official or Employee Assault on a Government Official

Assault on a government official or employee is a very serious misdemeanor charge. It is not uncommon for judges in all counties to consider active time for such offenses. Since this charge is a simple assault only on a specific person, the same elements of an assault are required. We have experience fighting these charges and know they are an uphill battle. Judges and juries will often side with the officer or government official, so it makes the job more difficult. However, this is also a charge that is often exaggerated when someone is being arrested. It may come from turning too fast or not knowing who is grabbing you from behind, there are many aspects to this charge that need to be examined. We have handled many cases involving an assault on a government official or officer, we recommend you consult with an attorney at our office as soon as you can to go over your options.

Our Offices are dedicated to fighting for your case. We know police make mistakes and like every profession, there are some bad ones in the bunch. We understand that and we fight to show the judge or jury your innocence. A criminal defense lawyer at one of our offices, located in both Charlotte and Concord, will provide you with one on one attention and treat your case as if it were a family member. Call one of our offices today, the initial consultation is free, come in and see what we can do for you.

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