Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Intent to Kill

Assault with Intent to Kill or Inflict Serious Injury Assault with A Deadly Weapon

Assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill or inflict serious injury is a serious felony. If you are charged with intent to kill, this charge is a class C felony and will carry a significant period of time in prison if you are convicted. If your charge is the lesser version, you will be looking at an E Felony. Regardless of the charge or the nature of the circumstances this is a serious offense and it is our goal to fight and win it for you. As the charge describes, this is an assault and the aggravating factors have to do with the degree of assault and the intent and nature of the assault. First a deadly weapon would be required in this type of assault. As a defendant you may think the instrument involved is not a deadly weapon, however the courts of North Carolina have been very broad in this interpretation and it can be a wide variety of weapons or objects. In cases like these, where the intent to kill is not involved it is usually our best argument to deny any involvement altogether. However, each case has a set of unique circumstances and we need to discuss this with you in detail. A felony is nothing to take lightly, even with a lenient judge it is common for a significant active sentence to be entered. We recommend you do not talk to the police, detectives or anyone else, until you talk to an attorney at our office that has experience handling these types of assaults.

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