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Other Crimes

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Many crimes in North Carolina fall into specific easy to define categories. Such as drug crimes, sex crimes, theft crimes or violent offenses. However, there are still many other charges that are harder to categorize. We have put some of those charges here, but rest assured we have handled all types of criminal matters. While we may not have a specific page for your criminal charge, we probably have defended people with that charge before. Call us and take advantage of our free consultation* offer, we will discuss the pros and cons of your case and your scenario and then advise you about what our fees will be to handle the case. Let our experience and guidance relieve your stress through this difficult time. No matter what the criminal charge, we handle it.

Possession of Firearm by Felon

This charge is very serious. First the State must show that the accused is a convicted felon, which is usually easy for the State to prove. Second, the State must prove possession of a firearm by this same person. This second prong will be the most likely challenged scenario in this type of charge. We have a lot of experience with these charges and have been successful fighting them. With any possession case, we are either going to look at actual or constructive possession. Actual possession is a situation where the weapon was on the accused person. Constructive possession is in the vicinity (car) or some area that the accused is to control.

While fighting these charges are difficult, we focus on looking for any way we can to challenge the States evidence. Many firearm by felon cases depend on the stop or initial encounter with the police. Was it legal? If so, was the search legal? We look into every aspect of your case to make sure you are confident with your representation. We will explain what is good and bad about your case and eliminate any questions you have about your case. Possession of firearm by felon is a serious offense, you need an attorney who understands that and will fight aggressively to help you.

Possession of Alcohol by a Minor

This charge is very common. However, while many people think it is no big deal, it can result in the suspension of your license. While this may not occur it is best to talk to an attorney before "just paying the ticket". Many times people make the biggest mistakes on matters they view as small or insignificant. When that happens they realize their mistake too late. Our consultations are free, do not hesitate to contact us and take advantage of this offer. We will provide you guidance and clarity so that you can rest assured your future or your license privileges will not be in jeopardy.

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