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Charged with Burglary? Burglary

Whether it takes place at a home, office building, or any other establishment, burglary is a felony offense. Both robbery and burglary are felony theft offenses, but the main difference is that an individual can be charged with burglary even if no actual theft took place. One can be charged just by unlawfully entering another individual's property without permission, with intent to steal or commit another felony. It is very important to have a Charlotte criminal defense lawyer or Concord criminal defense attorney at one of our offices be there on your side if you have been charged with this offense.

Burglary in North Carolina is divided up into two separate degrees. First degree burglary is the actual burglary where there is someone sleeping or residing at the actual time of the offense. This is a very serious offense and carries mandatory active prison time and is a Class D felony. Second degree burglary is a burglary committed in a non-dwelling house or when there is no one there sleeping or residing at the time of the offense. This is still a serious felony, but does not necessarily carry mandatory time; it is a Class G felony.

The most common penalties are active prison sentences, restitution, probation and the revocation of the right to own a gun. Like any other offense it is important that you do not talk to the police and contact an attorney as quickly as possible. Many times the State will use your statements against you in cases like this, so it may save you the possibility of many years in prison by not being cooperative. We always recommend calling an attorney as quickly as possible after you or family member has been charged or brought in for questioning.

The Olsinski Law Firm, PLLC represents clients in all types of criminal defense cases and can provide you with an aggressive defense against theft crimes such as burglary. Our firm is extremely dedicated to ensuring our clients are aware of their rights, the law and what can be expected in their case. We work aggressively to protect our clients' rights and fight for a positive case outcome. Our firm investigates all the evidence thoroughly and researches every aspect of your case to find the best possible defense against charges of burglary.

If you have been arrested for burglary, contact a Charlotte criminal defense attorney or Concord criminal defense lawyer at one of our offices.

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