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If you or a loved one is accused of embezzlement, there are probably many questions going through your mind regarding the charges and possible penalties. Embezzlement is a type of fraud involving the misappropriation of money. It could be committed by an employer or an employee, anyone who was in a place of trust and had access to confidential information and funds. An employer could lie about how much their business is worth and use money from investors for their own personal use. A trustee could embezzle funds from a trust account that they were supposed to oversee. An employee could steal systematically from their employer by changing bills and receipts.

At the Olsinski Law Firm, PLLC, we’ve assembled a dedicated team of theft crimes lawyers with extensive experience defending clients charged with embezzlement, fraud, and other white-collar crimes. We understand the complex nature of these allegations, where the prosecution’s evidence often falls short, and how to create a successful defense. We also offer free consultations to all prospective clients.

What is Embezzlement Under NC Law?

According to § 14-90 of North Carolina law, embezzlement is knowingly and intentionally misusing money that was entrusted to you. Under this statute, if the value of what was taken was above $100,000, the charge will be a Class C felony. If the value was less than $100,000, it will be charged as a Class H felony. The difference between those two classes of felonies is significant. A Class H felony does not require an active prison sentence, whereas a Class C will require an active sentence, and it will be a significant sentence at that. For example, the maximum sentence for a Class C felony is 231 months in prison, while the maximum sentence for a Class H felony is 39 months.

Embezzlement charges can also be filed by federal prosecutors, as it is both a state and federal crime.

If you are worried about being charged with this crime or have been charged with this crime, please consult a criminal defense attorney in your area. Often, we see defendants who confess to their employers or to the police, and it puts them at a significant disadvantage while handling their case. The more facts that the State must prove, the more control over the case your defense attorney will have. If you or a family member can see charges coming or an employer has brought up the issue, do not talk to them. Instead, consult a Charlotte embezzlement attorney at the Olsinski Law Firm, PLLC, to ensure your interests are protected.

Examples of Embezzlement

Below are four common examples of situations where the prosecution may pursue embezzlement charges:

  1. A company's chief financial officer secretly transfers funds from the company's accounts to their personal account, using false invoices to cover up the transactions.
  2. An employee of a non-profit organization diverts donated funds into a secret account for personal use, falsifying expense reports to justify the missing money.
  3. A bank manager approves fictitious loans and directs the funds to an account they control, creating fake borrower profiles to conceal the fraud.
  4. A school administrator overstates school expenses and keeps the excess funds, manipulating budget reports to hide the discrepancies.
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