Gun Charges

Gun charges in North Carolina can be very serious offenses. They can range from simple possession of a gun without a permit to charges that are aggravated by carrying a gun. One common theme in handling cases involving guns, is that the DA’s offices are very hesitant to work out favorable deals. While this may be the case, it is still imperative for clients to hire an attorney to represent them on these matters.

A typical question that arises when handling misdemeanor gun charges is whether the client will get their gun back. Understanding the goal of every attorney is to satisfy their clients needs, a lot of the time a client needs to be reminded of perspective. While getting their gun back may be an ideal scenario, it can be an unrealistic goal in many circumstances. In many cases saving a clients ability to have a gun permit or a concealed weapons permit is a tall enough order, let alone trying to get the gun back as well. Clients may be disappointed in their loss of a gun but losing their ability to own or purchase a gun will have far greater long term consequences.

January 31st, 2011