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Possession of Stolen Goods

Possesses, Receives, Disposes of or Conceals Stolen Property Possession of Stolen Goods

The possession of stolen goods is considered to be a theft crime which involves a person who knowingly possesses, receives, disposes of or conceals stolen property. If the individual is deemed to have had reasonable cause to believe the goods were stolen they could be in serious legal trouble. It will not protect an individual that is accused of possession of stolen goods if the person who stole the item has not yet been identified. Under § 14-71.1, possession of stolen goods is a Class H felony or Class 1 misdemeanor. Since this charge can carry the distinction of a felony and the possibility of active jail or prison time, it is important you talk to an attorney right away.

Possession of stolen goods can often be challenged as to the defendant's state of mind. Since the defendant needs to knowingly possesses the stolen goods or property it may be difficult for the State to prove that. Like any situation with the police investigating you or a family member, it is important to tell the police nothing. Many times with charges like these, if you do not say anything it makes their case much more difficult.

The penalties for the possession of stolen property, or goods can carry an active jail or prison sentence as well as fines and court costs. However, since this is a lower level felony charge or a misdemeanor, the bigger impact may just be the felony or misdemeanor conviction itself. It is important that you think about all of the ramifications so that you can better understand the best course of action. An attorney at our office is experienced in helping clients in your situation, come talk to us.

If you have been accused of or arrested for the possession of stolen goods in the Charlotte or Concord area, it is imperative that you contact our firm at once. We take our time to get to know you and your case, so that our advice and guidance through the process fits your specific wants and needs. We have an experienced attorney in defending theft crimes such as possession of stolen goods, waiting to talk to you. Our firm will work tirelessly on your behalf to fight to avoid the serious consequences of a conviction.

Contact a Charlotte criminal defense lawyer or Concord criminal defense attorney to address charges of Possession of stolen goods.

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