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Cocaine is a dangerous drug, and North Carolina imposes strict penalties on anyone found guilty of possessing or distributing cocaine. There are several cocaine-related crimes with which a person can be charged, but cocaine trafficking is the most serious charge, and a conviction for cocaine trafficking can result in imprisonment for multiple years and massive fines. If you are charged with cocaine trafficking, it is imperative to speak with a capable Charlotte or Concord cocaine trafficking lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your rights and the best manner to proceed under the facts of your case. The assertive attorneys at the Olsinski Law Firm, PLLC will analyze the circumstances surrounding your arrest and work with you to formulate a plan for your situation.

North Carolina’s Statute Defining Cocaine Trafficking While it is illegal to possess any amount of cocaine in North Carolina, the severity of the charges and penalties associated with cocaine

increase depending on the amount of cocaine that a person is deemed to possess. In North Carolina, a person will be found guilty of cocaine trafficking if he or she sells, delivers, manufactures, possesses, or transports 28 grams or more of cocaine. A person will also be convicted of cocaine trafficking if he or she has 28 grams or more of any derivative or compound of cocaine, or any mixture containing such substances.

Since the penalties in these cases can be harsh, a defendant should consult a cocaine trafficking attorney in the Concord or Charlotte area without delay. If a person convicted of cocaine trafficking had 28 to 199 grams of cocaine or a cocaine-derived substance, he or she will be a Class G felon and will be fined at least $50,000 and sentenced to a prison term lasting between 35 months and 51 months. If a person found guilty of cocaine trafficking had between 200 and 399 grams, he or she will be deemed a Class F felon and fined at least $100,000 and imprisoned for between 70 and 93 months. Individuals convicted of cocaine trafficking who possessed 400 grams or more are punished as Class D felons and will be fined $250,000 or more and sent to prison for 175 to 222 months.

Defending Against Cocaine Trafficking Charges

The defenses available to the charges that you face will depend on the unique facts of your case, and an experienced drug crime attorney will be able to advise you on the defenses that you may be able to assert. There are certain defenses that Concord or Charlotte cocaine trafficking attorneys commonly set forth in these cases, though. For example, you may be able to argue that the cocaine found by the police was not in your possession. This defense may be viable if you shared the living space or vehicle where the cocaine was found with other individuals. In other instances, you may be able to prove that you did not know that the cocaine was in your possession. For example, perhaps you borrowed a person’s car without knowing that the person had drugs in the trunk.

Meet with a Drug Crime Defense Attorney Regarding a Cocaine Trafficking Charge

Cocaine trafficking is a serious charge that should not be taken lightly. If you live in North Carolina and are faced with a cocaine trafficking charge, it is critical to meet with a trusted drug crime defense attorney regarding your charges and your potential defenses. At the Olsinski Law Firm, PLLC, our assertive drug crime lawyers will tirelessly pursue the most favorable legal result possible in your case. We assist people charged with cocaine trafficking in Concord and Charlotte, as well as throughout Cabarrus and Mecklenburg Counties, including in Huntersville, Matthews, Mint Hill, Cornelius, Davidson, Pineville, Kannapolis, Harrisburg, Midland, and Mount Pleasant. We can be reached at our Charlotte office at 704-405-2580 or at our Concord office at 704-918-4747, or you can use the online form to schedule a free and confidential meeting to discuss your case with a cocaine trafficking lawyer in Charlotte or Concord.

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