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Manufacturing of Drugs Is a Serious Offense in North Carolina and Throughout the Country Manufacturing Drugs

Law enforcement is determined to stop the manufacturing of drugs because of the dangers it presents to the safety of the community. If you have been charged with manufacturing of drugs you need to contact an attorney that focuses on criminal defense. Drug charges are typically charges that need to be fought hard in order to get you the best result. Since manufacturing drugs is a felony, it is even more important to make sure you find an attorney to fight for your rights. Like many drug offenses suppression of the evidence is a typical way to win and defend these types of charges, manufacturing charges also presents other ways to challenge the State's case. Manufacturing is a felony so regardless of your prior record level, you will be looking at active jail or prison time, because of this it is vital that you obtain the assistance of an established Charlotte criminal defense attorney or a Concord criminal lawyer to assist you in fighting the charges.

In pursuing its war on drugs, law enforcement is especially determined to cut off the supply of drugs. By targeting drug labs and traffickers, big and small, the government hopes to put a significant dent in drug activity. Investigators employ various methods to locate and close down manufacturing sites such as undercover investigators, wire taps and informants. Legislators are passing new laws and increasing the penalties for drug offenses continually. Theses cases can be state charges or typically with a more thorough investigation, they will be federal charges. The Federal government spends vast resources targeting and making a lot of large arrests for manufacturing and trafficking related drugs charges. The harder or more addictive the drug is, the more severe the penalties are, such as:

  • Long prison terms
  • Large Fines
  • Probation
  • Drug education and counseling
  • Loss of the right to vote
  • Loss of the right to own a firearm
  • Criminal record

The federal sentencing system dictates the type of sentence for each offense with little chance of parole, so if yours is a federal case the stakes will be even higher. If you have been charged with manufacturing, you need an insightful drug manufacturing lawyer who is determined to use every legal weapon available to provide you with a powerful defense. The Federal government also spends extra time and effort to make sure when an arrest is made, that a conviction will follow. This is why the federal conviction rate is so high and why you need to explore all your options negotiating and fighting your charges.

With our years of experience we understand how difficult this time is for you and are committed to protecting your rights. You can depend on us to keep you fully informed, answer your questions and respond to your phone calls. To work with a hard hitting criminal defense lawyer who focuses solely on criminal defense and is ready to fight for you call The Olsinski Law Firm, PLLC for an initial free consultation*.

Contact a Charlotte drug crime defense attorney or a Concord drug crime lawyer who is prepared to take action on your behalf.

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