Charged with Trespassing on Private Property? Trespassing Charges

Trespassing is another frequent charge and usually goes hand in hand with property crimes such as breaking and entering and damage to personal property or other crimes like disorderly conduct. A common example of this is being kicked out of a bar, like the epicentre and coming back on the property. Officers routinely make that arrest for second degree trespassing and disorderly conduct or intoxicated and disruptive. While trespassing charges do not always come with other charges, it is often the case. We understand that, and that there are going to be multiple arguments that we will have to make on your behalf. We have a lot of experience with these types of crimes and believe they are some of the most litigation friendly charges for the defendant. The reason these cases are more litigation friendly for defendants is because these charges are routinely overcharged by the police. A criminal defense attorney in our Charlotte or Concord office can help you face these charges and avoid the negative consequences of a conviction.

While there is a very strong relationship between trespassing and committing further property crimes that may not always be the case. There are a number of other reasons you may have trespassed on someone else's property. You may have ventured onto a piece of land not knowing it was private property. The landowner may not have put up proper warning signs or the signs may have become obscured in some way. Also you may have willfully entered onto private property but had a reasonable reason for doing so. Regardless of the details of your case, a skilled defense lawyer will greatly increase your chances of receiving a favorable ruling.

When it comes to choosing your legal representation, it is very important to choose a law firm with a strong focus on defending property crimes. Unlike other firms, The Olsinski Law Firm, PLLC focus on very specific areas of criminal defense law such as trespassing cases. You can rest assured that we do not just offer trespassing representation as an afterthought. We know what we are doing and we pride ourselves on the specialized knowledge we can bring to our client's defense.

Contact a Charlotte trespassing defense attorney or Concord trespassing lawyer at one of our offices if you face trespassing charges.