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Sex Offender Registration

When someone is charged with a sex offense, one of the biggest concerns is the sex offender registration. In many circumstances, the risk of jail or other punishment is greatly outweighed by the continuing punishment of being on the sex offender registry. Depending on the nature of the conviction, the registration is for a period of 30 years, but some people may be able to petition the court for removal after 10 years. There is a lifetime requirement for recidivists (repeat offenders), aggravated offenses and people classified as sexual violent predators, so they will have to be on the sex offender registry for the rest of their lives.

When representing people charged with a sex offense, avoiding the sex offender registration is always a top priority. In many cases this is the punishment people fear the most. The registration requirements lead to many hardships and essentially shuns people out of society. Some of the biggest requirements of the sex offender registry are as follows:

  • +1,000 Foot rule: A registered offender cannot live within this distance of any school or daycare facility;
  • Cannot work at any place with a minor or which involves the supervision, instruction or care for a minor;
  • No activity can be conducted at one’s residence involving minors where the minor would be under their custody;
  • DMV cannot issue a P or S commercial license to a registered offender;
  • Offenders cannot go to the following places:
    • Schools, playgrounds, libraries, amusement parks, parks, child care facilities, nurseries.
    • Within 300 Feet of any place designed to care for children but its main purpose is not child care, like places inside shopping centers and malls.
    • Any place where children regularly congregate, including but not limited to, amusement parks, swimming pools, arcades, libraries, recreation parks; and
  • Refrain from any social networking sites that allow children as members.

In addition to the restrictions listed above, your name, criminal conviction and sex offender status will be public knowledge. This is the biggest concern of many people because it will prevent most sex offenders from getting jobs or moving into desired residential areas. The registration acts as a scarlet letter, essentially making the offender toxic to the public.

Our firm has successfully defended many clients with sex offense charges. We understand the odds are against you from the start. We also understand that family and friends will disappear once you have been charged and any conviction of a sex offense will isolate you ever more. We will be there to stand by your side as you go through this difficult time.

As in any criminal case, there will be the choice whether to take a plea deal or plead not guilty and go to trial. Many sex offense cases simply have to be taken to trial. The registration is such a stiff punishment that it makes it more likely than not that a trial will be in our client’s best interest. While our team of attorneys focuses on litigation and we have received several “not guilty” verdicts on sex offense cases, we will still fight during the negotiation stage of your case. We have had many successful plea agreements wherein our client did not have to register as a sex offender. Negotiating a plea deal to a charge that does not require sex offender registration is in many cases more advantageous for a client than to risk a trial.

Mr. Olsinski has spent a large part of his career defending people accused of sex offenses. He has received not guilty verdicts as well as negotiated plea deals where clients did not have to register as a sex offender. While every case is unique and no results can be guaranteed, our experience and passion for fighting for you can make a difference. If you have any questions about your criminal charges, the investigation process or the sex offender registration, please call our office today for a free consultation*.

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