Reckless Driving

Posing Serious Danger to Others Reckless Driving

Reckless driving may be the number one cause of serious accidents. Due to the serious danger reckless drivers pose to all other drivers on the road, law enforcement officers very rarely let these dangerous drivers off the hook. The penalties for reckless driving depend upon the circumstances of the offense, but the possible consequences could include serious fines and even the revocation of the driver's license. If you have been charged with reckless driving it is absolutely necessary that you contact a Charlotte criminal defense attorney or Concord criminal defense attorney immediately.

Reckless driving charges in many cases come coupled with a speeding ticket. Alone, a reckless driving violation will land you with 4 points against your license. Combined with a speed ticket over 55 mph and you are looking at possibly 7 points. Reckless driving will also earn you 4 points on your license, raising your insurance rates instantly by 80%. Reckless driving is very often coupled with speeding in excess of 25 mph over the limit and can result in license suspension. With so much at stake, it is absolutely essential that you hire a qualified traffic defense attorney from our firm to handle your case. A skilled defense attorney will greatly increase your chances of reducing the charges brought against you, reducing the number of points you receive as a result, not only your DMV points, but also your insurance points.

When hiring a lawyer to represent your interests, it is very important to look for a firm with a focus on traffic offenses of this nature. The Olsinski Law Firm, PLLC specifically focuses on traffic offenses such as reckless driving. Due to the extreme financial consequences associated with a reckless driving violations, we vigorously fight on our client's behalf to have the charges dropped or reduced. You should not have to pay the price for the aggressive prosecution of reckless drivers. Call our firm today for a free consultation from one of our attorneys.

Contact a Charlotte reckless driving defense attorney or Concord reckless driving lawyer if you have been charged with driving recklessly.