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Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

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When tragic motorcycle accidents unfold on Charlotte's streets, you require more than just legal aid–you deserve the guidance of a compassionate and highly skilled Charlotte attorney specializing in fatal motorcycle accidents. In the lively city of Charlotte, such accidents can lead to devastating outcomes like loss of life, serious injuries, and deep emotional distress for those involved and their loved ones.

Enlisting the help of a seasoned attorney who specializes in this field can pave the way for justice, financial assistance, and a way to find resolution during these challenging times. The Charlotte personal injury lawyers at Olsinski Law Firm, PLLC, have significant experience navigating these complex legal cases and managing emotionally challenging wrongful death cases. Contact a wrongful death attorney on our team at 704-405-2580 to schedule a consultation with one of our Charlotte attorneys who specialize in fatal motorcycle accidents.

Rate of Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Based on the latest available data regarding fatal motor vehicle traffic incidents, in 2021, 5,932 motorcyclists tragically lost their lives in motor vehicle traffic crashes during this period, surpassing the 5,506 motorcyclist fatalities reported in 2020. This grim figure represents the highest number of motorcyclist fatalities recorded since the inception of data collection in 1975.

Moreover, motorcyclists accounted for a substantial portion of all traffic accidents, contributing to 14% of such incidents and an even more alarming 17% of all motor vehicle occupant fatalities, encompassing both drivers and passengers. Among the 5,932 motorcyclists killed in traffic crashes, 95% (5,636) were riders, while the remaining 5% (296) were passengers. Furthermore, data specific to Charlotte accidents revealed a notable rise in motorcyclist fatalities, with 202 reported in total. This marked an alarming increase of nearly 15% compared to the figures recorded in 2020.

Common Causes of Charlotte Motorcycle Fatalities

Unraveling the causes behind fatal motorcycle accidents in Charlotte often proves to be a tough task. This city's dynamic nature, busy streets, and various traffic conditions make it a place where accidents can happen for numerous reasons. However, determining the cause of a fatal motorcycle accident is crucial for wrongful death cases, as it helps establish liability and accountability, ensuring that justice is served for the victim and their family. Contacting an attorney is essential in this process to navigate the legal complexities, gather evidence, and advocate effectively for the rights and compensation of the grieving family.

Lack of Visibility

Motorcycles are less conspicuous on the road than larger vehicles, increasing the risk of other motorists not seeing them, especially in blind spots or during lane changes.


Excessive speed reduces a rider's ability to react to unexpected situations and maintain control, often resulting in more severe accidents when they occur.

Reckless Riding Behavior

Actions like weaving between lanes, tailgating, and performing risky maneuvers raise the likelihood of collisions and make it difficult for other drivers to predict a rider's actions.

Inadequate Safety Gear

Not wearing appropriate protective gear, particularly helmets, leaves riders vulnerable to severe head injuries and fatal trauma in case of accidents.


Riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs impairs judgment, coordination, and reaction time, significantly increasing the risk of accidents.

Road Conditions and Weather

Slippery roads, potholes, debris, and adverse weather conditions can challenge a rider's ability to maintain control, leading to accidents with fatal outcomes.

Inexperienced Riders

Novice riders may struggle to handle their motorcycles effectively, especially on challenging roads or in emergencies.

Left-Turning Vehicles

Collisions often occur when other vehicles make left turns in front of motorcycles, misjudging their speed or failing to yield the right of way.

Distracted Drivers

Drivers distracted by phones, navigation systems, or other factors may not notice motorcycles, leading to dangerous situations and accidents.

Noxious Emissions

Motorcycles, especially older models, emit less noise and can go unnoticed by pedestrians and other road users, potentially leading to accidents.

Understanding these common causes is crucial for riders and other motorists to enhance motorcycle safety and reduce the risk of car accidents on the road.

Steps to a Charlotte Wrongful Death Claims After a Motorcycle Accident

Pursuing a wrongful death claim after a fatal motorcycle accident in Charlotte is a complex legal process. An attorney on our team can evaluate your case, determine the viability of your claim, and guide you through the legal proceedings.

Gather Evidence

An attorney can help you collect all available evidence of the accident, such as police reports, eyewitness statements, accident scene photos, and medical records. This evidence will be crucial in establishing liability.

Determine Liability

A wrongful death lawyer can identify the party or parties responsible for the accident. This may include other motorists, manufacturers of defective motorcycle parts, or even government entities responsible for road maintenance.

Calculate Damages

After a motorcycle accident, a lawyer can help you calculate the financial and non-financial losses incurred due to the loss of your loved one. This may include medical expenses, funeral costs, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Initiate Legal Proceedings

Your attorney will file a wrongful death lawsuit on your behalf, outlining the details of the accident, the responsible party, and the damages sought. This will initiate the legal process.

Negotiate or Litigate

Most wrongful death cases are settled through negotiations with the at-fault party's insurance company. Your attorney will be prepared to take the case to court if a fair settlement cannot be reached.

Seek Compensation

If successful, you may be awarded compensation through a settlement or court judgment. This compensation can help cover the financial burdens you have faced due to the accident.

Navigating a wrongful death claim following a motorcycle accident is emotionally and legally challenging. An experienced attorney will provide invaluable support, ensuring your rights are protected while seeking justice for your loved one.

Have You Lost a Loved One in a Charlotte Motorcycle Accident?

If your family is enduring the tragic loss of a loved one in the wake of a fatal motorcycle accident, the injury attorneys at the Olsinski Law Firm, PLLC can help you pursue the justice you deserve. Our team of experienced fatal motorcycle accident lawyers are compassionate advocates who know how to connect your family with the compensation you need to begin the process of moving on with your lives. We also offer free consultations to all families and will not bill you for our legal services unless we can recover compensation on your behalf. To learn more, and to schedule a free consultation today, call 704-405-2850, or connect with us through our secure online contact form.

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