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DWI Process

Starting With the Arrest and Each Step Afterwards DWI Process

The DWI process starts with an arrest. Law enforcement has training in how to watch for suspected drunk drivers and a swerving vehicle or one that cannot stay in a lane of traffic can trigger a stop. While this type of driving will be indicative of impaired driving, any other traffic violation will make you subject to a stop. Once you are stopped, the officer will have authority to investigate further if there is a reasonable suspicion that you have been drinking. When officers speak with a suspected drunk driver they are assessing the situation, collecting information and watching the behavior of the driver closely, watching for slurred speech, excessive talking and other signs of alcohol influence. They will look in the vehicle to see if there are passengers or open alcohol containers. They will look for any clues that will enable them to get you out of the car for field sobriety tests. It is always best to deny any alcohol intake. While admitting to 1 drink may seem like a good idea because it is not enough to be impaired, it is an admission to drinking and allows the officer to administer further tests.

Once you are taken out of the car, the officer will usually perform some group of field sobriety tests accompanied with an alco-sensor reading. All of these tests, accompanied with all other observations of your movement, driving and speech are taken into consideration. If the officer believes there is enough for probable cause that you are impaired and over the legal limit of .08 or under the influence of another drug, they will arrest you. DWI cases are taken very seriously in North Carolina and require experience and focus in order to handle them correctly. Individuals with DWI charges against them should contact a Charlotte criminal defense lawyer or Concord criminal defense lawyer at one of our offices for legal assistance and guidance through the entire DWI process. The Olsinski Law Firm, PLLC is a criminal defense firm knowledgeable in all aspects of the laws pertaining to DWI offenses. Whether your arrest took place in any of the counties below, we have a skilled attorney ready to assist you every step of the way.

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The quicker you contact a DWI lawyer, the better. There are many aspects that need to be addressed quickly after the arrest. Whether it be subpoenaing any video from the officers car, to discussing the available limited driving privilege after 10 days of a civil revocation. The sooner all of this is discussed, the better we can assist you with your questions and concerns. We offer free consultation*s and can usually get you set up with a meeting the same day or within a 24 hour period. Come talk to us and understand the process, your confusion and concern can cause undue stress that does not need to be there.

It is best to seek legal advice directly following an arrest to ensure the protection of rights and freedoms from an attorney who can provide an aggressive and effective defense and representation at each step of the DWI process. Common sentencing for a DWI conviction can include:

  • Jail time
  • Large fines
  • License suspension

A DWI defense lawyer at The Olsinski Law Firm can challenge all evidence presented by a prosecution and protect the interests and rights of clients during the entire DWI process. Let us examine your case and help get you the best result. Make an appointment today for a consultation with a trusted DWI defense attorney.

Contact a Charlotte DWI defense attorney or Concord DWI defense attorney at one of our offices for legal guidance throughout the entire DWI process inside and outside the courtroom.

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