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If you are an employee of major Charlotte employers like Novant Health, Atrium Health, Lowes, Amazon Warehouse, or Duke Energy, you understand the importance of having a local advocate when workplace injuries occur.

At the Olsinski Law Firm, we specialize in representing injured workers, ensuring they receive the compensation and support they rightfully deserve. With our deep understanding of North Carolina laws and regulations and extensive experience handling cases involving prominent employers, we can manage even the most complex workers' comp claims.

Whether you have suffered injuries in a workplace accident, developed a work-related illness, or are struggling to get the compensation you are entitled to, we are here to help. Contact Olsinski Law today at 704-405-2580 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can assist you in obtaining the compensation and support you need to move forward with your life.

Workers Comp Claims for Charlotte Employees

Employees of major Charlotte corporations face unique challenges when seeking workers' compensation benefits. Some of the significant Charlotte employers include the following:

Novant Health,

Atrium Health,


Duke Energy, and


These companies often have teams of lawyers and insurance adjusters working to protect their interests, making it difficult for injured workers to navigate the claims process alone.

Common Types of Workers Compensation Claims in Charlotte

Workers' compensation claims among Charlotte employees, including those from major employers like Novant Health, Atrium Health, Lowes, Amazon, and Duke Energy, encompass a variety of injuries and illnesses inherent to different industries.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

These accidents can occur in various workplace environments, including retail stores like Lowes, warehouses like Amazon, and healthcare facilities like Novant and Atrium. Slippery floors, uneven surfaces, and cluttered walkways are common causes.

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Employees across different sectors may suffer musculoskeletal injuries from lifting heavy objects or repetitive motions. This includes back strains, sprains, and repetitive strain injuries. Workers at Lowes and Amazon warehouses are particularly susceptible to these injuries.

Occupational Diseases

Exposure to hazardous materials or substances can lead to occupational diseases over time. This includes respiratory conditions from exposure to chemicals or asbestos. Workers at Duke Energy and industrial facilities are at risk.

Workplace Violence

Healthcare workers, such as those at Novant and Atrium, may encounter workplace violence, including physical assaults from patients or visitors, leading to injuries that require medical attention.

Machine Accidents

In environments like Amazon warehouses and manufacturing facilities, employees may be injured by machinery or equipment malfunctions, leading to crush injuries, amputations, or lacerations.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Jobs involving repetitive tasks, such as scanning items at checkout counters or performing data entry, can lead to repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Employees at Amazon and Lowes may be affected.

Navigating the workers' compensation process for these common claims requires understanding each industry's challenges and regulations. Seeking legal assistance from experienced workers' comp attorneys familiar with Charlotte's laws can ensure injured employees receive the support and compensation they deserve.

Eligibility for Workers Comp in Charlotte

In Charlotte, North Carolina, workers' compensation benefits eligibility hinges on several critical factors designed to protect employees who sustain injuries or illnesses during their employment.

Employee Status

To be eligible for workers' compensation benefits, an individual must be considered an "employee" rather than an independent contractor. This distinction is crucial as independent contractors typically aren't covered by workers' compensation insurance.

Employer Coverage

Employers in North Carolina are generally required to carry workers' compensation insurance if they have three or more employees, including part-time and full-time workers. Certain industries, such as construction and transportation, may have different requirements.

Injury or Illness

Eligibility extends to injuries or illnesses that occur within the scope of employment. This includes injuries sustained while performing work-related tasks and occupational diseases that develop over time due to workplace conditions.

Timely Reporting

Injured employees must promptly report their injuries to their employer. In North Carolina, the statute of limitations for reporting a workplace injury is typically 30 days from the accident date or from the date the employee became aware of the injury.

Medical Evidence

Eligibility often requires medical evidence to support the claim. This may include documentation from healthcare providers, diagnostic tests, and medical records detailing the nature and extent of the injury or illness.

No-Fault System

North Carolina operates under a no-fault workers' compensation system, meaning that employees are generally entitled to benefits regardless of who was at fault for the injury or illness. However, there are exceptions for injuries resulting from willful misconduct or intoxication.

Understanding these eligibility criteria is essential for injured workers in Charlotte seeking workers' compensation benefits. Consulting with an experienced workers' compensation attorney can provide invaluable guidance and assistance throughout the claims process.

Have You Been Injured While Working for a Major Charlotte Employer?

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