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Injuries and Workers' Compensation

Our team of injury attorneys at the Olsinski Law Firm can provide legal counsel for any type of accident you or your loved one are involved in. We handle all types of personal injury cases, including auto, property, and wrongful death cases.

We also represent injured workers in workers’ compensation claims. If you are injured at work, whether in a warehouse or in a truck accident while performing your job duties, you should file a workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ compensation claims are administrative claims. Workers’ compensation claims are different in many ways than general personal injury claims.

Personal injury lawsuits may result from a wide variety of accidents, including car crashes, truck accidents, and slip and falls. A victim in a personal injury case will need to show that the party responsible for their injuries acted negligently in causing the accident. After the victim is able to establish negligence by the party that caused their injuries, the victim must then establish that their injuries were the foreseeable result of the defendant’s carelessness. This issue of causation is important because victims will not be able to recover compensation if they were in any way responsible for the accident.

There is nothing more devastating than losing a loved one suddenly and unexpectedly as a result of someone else’s negligent conduct. Although nothing can truly make you whole again after this type of event, the injury attorneys at the Olsinski Law Firm can assist you in bringing a wrongful death claim against a person who caused the fatal accident. A wrongful death claim can help you and your family cope with the financial stress of the loss.

North Carolina law allows the personal representative of the decedent’s estate to file a wrongful death claim. Many estate plans will specify an executor or personal representative who is responsible for settling the decedent’s affairs. If the decedent did not specify a personal representative, the court can appoint one.

Wrongful death claims are subject to a statute of limitations, just like any other personal injury claim. There are specific pieces of evidence and elements that must be proven in a wrongful death claim. These requirements can be complex and they can vary depending on the type of accident that led to your loved one’s loss. At the Olsinski Law Firm, our Concord and Charlotte wrongful death lawyers have guided many families through this difficult time and helped them assert their legal right to compensation.

If an accident or death was related to one’s employment, then a workers’ compensation claim will likely need to be filed. Workers’ compensation is an administrative area of law that is different from general civil litigation. The North Carolina Industrial Commission adjudicates workers’ compensation claims. The Industrial Commission has its own set of rules and procedures that must be followed in workers’ compensation claims. The Olsinski Law Firm has a board certified specialist in North Carolina workers’ compensation law who has successfully litigated claims at all levels of the Industrial Commission and appellate courts.

In certain situations, you may be able to file both a personal injury and workers’ compensation case for the same injury. There are considerations to take into account, such as liens, when deciding whether to file both a personal injury and workers’ compensation case. The injury attorneys at the Olsinski Law Firm can help you navigate your legal options and determine the best course of action.

Our injury attorneys do not get paid until you do. You pay us nothing upfront to represent you in a personal injury, wrongful death, or workers’ compensation claim. We will aggressively pursue your claims so you obtain the largest recovery possible.

We offer a confidential and free initial consultation about your personal injury, wrongful death, or workers’ compensation claim. We are conveniently located with offices in Charlotte and Concord. Please contact us to schedule your free initial consultation.

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