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It is hard to turn on the news or read a newspaper article without something regarding school shootings. This past weekend there was a shooting at Livingstone College in Salisbury, NC. This is just another example of the safety concerns regarding schools and the increased violence in this country. The increased use of weapons, especially guns and assault rifles has sparked nationwide debate on the Second Amendment. As a criminal defense attorney and someone who interprets the constitution strictly, I understand the right to bear arms. The criminal lawyer in me, however, prefaces that notion with the ramifications of owning a gun. While there are thousands of people who have no problem with gun ownership, for some people it becomes more of a legal issue and hassle to own a gun. I experience this quite often with concealed weapons and permits/lack thereof. While this debate continues to grow on a national scale, it is essential that all gun owners understand their rights and also understand why they purchased a gun to begin with. Whether it be for hunting, protection or other lawful means, it is important to understand the why so that the guns can be stored and put away when appropriate. Owning a gun is a responsibility and with each school shooting and peoples lack of control over their weapons, the louder the debate over their legality will get. As a criminal defense attorney in Charlotte I handle Assaults by pointing a gun, assaults with deadly weapons and other firearm offenses, I understand that there are many lawful uses for a firearm, but if you do get caught using one unlawfully give me a call and we can talk about your rights.

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October 29th, 2013