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There are over 5,000 DWI arrests each year in Mecklenburg County alone. Unfortunately and fortunately for DWI clients, this is a very prominent area of criminal defense. This can be unfortunate because attorney’s from all areas of practice, will advertise or at the very least, handle DWI cases. This is unfortunate because DWI is extremely complicated. The most seasoned and experienced attorney’s in this area will be the first to admit, you cannot know it all. This can be a problem for clients because if they hire an attorney who does not study and handle cases of this nature routinely, they may end up with a poorly handled case.

DWI cases are something that need to be handled by an attorney who devotes his practice to the area of criminal law. It is very important to the success of the case, but also for the clients psychological well being. The fortunate part for clients with DWI cases is that there are plenty of ways to find an attorney.

A DWI attorney can in most cases, be found through mailings to ones home or easily through the internet. This is good for clients because the competition, in theory, should help the practice of DWI law. In a perfect world not only will lawyers try to get these cases but will also pride themselves on obtaining as much knowledge on the subject as possible in order to make themselves more appealing to potential clients.

Things that should always be remembered when hiring a DWI attorney. First, if you are being quoted a consistent number, be wary of extremely low quotes. Second, focus and ask about what the firm and the particular lawyer who will handle your case focuses on. Do they handle only criminal cases (which includes DWI)? or Are they a general practitioner handling civil cases, wills and trusts etc.? The more focused an attorney is to criminal law, the better for the client. This is important to realize, because not only will they have more experience in that field, but they will also be familiar with other criminal attorneys. This is extremely important with DWI law because it is very complicated and if a particularly difficult or uncommon question arises, they will have a long list of colleagues to discuss it with.

Hiring a DWI attorney is a necessary and very important step in handling your DWI case, make sure you consider these things before making the important choice.

February 28th, 2011

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